Thursday, December 10, 2015

Jom Jawap Kuiz introduction to hazardous area classification

1 In the atmosphere, Fuel and Oxygen is present, what is the missing element that Fire 
will occur.
A. Hydrogen
B. Ignition Source
C. Fire Damp
D. Coal
2 Combustion will only occur if the flammable mixture comprising of Fuel (in the form of 
gas or vapour)  and Air, when concentration is:
A. Below Lower Explosive Limit
B. Between Lower and Upper Explosive Limit 
C. Above Upper Explosive Limit
D. All of the Above
3 What Zone classification  if the hazardous gas is highly likely to be present and maybe 
present for long periods of time or even continously.
A. Zone 0
B. Zone 20
C. Zone 1
D. Zone 21
4 IEC and NEC is categorized on which organization bodies.
A. Classification
B. Certification 
C. EU Directives
D. Standardization 
5 In which Gas Group is more severe and can ignite very easily.
A. Group I
B. Group IIA
C. Group IIB
D. Group IIC
6 What will happen, if the hazardous gas which has the ignition temperature of 100 degree C 
will be in contact with the equipment that generates a temperature of 80 degree C.
A. Explosion will occur
B. The Equipment will melt
C. No Explosion will occur
D. The equipment fails to function.
7 In the explosion protection method, what equipment method code that the explosion is
contained within an enclosure which can withstand the force and prevent transmission
to the outside hazardous atmosphere
A. Ex m
B. Ex e
C. Ex d
D. Ex p
8 Base on the standards, Ex "e" or Increased Safety certified equipment are allow to install in: 
A. Zone 0
B. Zone 1
C. Zone 2
D. Zone 1 and Zone 2
9 IP 66 equipments are protected against:
A. any dust
B.  powerful water jets from any direction
C.  falling water drops 
D. All of the above
10 IEC Enclosure IP56 is equivalent to NEMA Enclosure:
A. Type 2
B. Type 3
C. Type 4
D. Type 5

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