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Practical Managerial leadership Styles

Practical Managerial leadership Styles

Main Task

1.    Manage A leader
2.    Leadership Style
3.    Leadership foot print
4.    Motivation
5.    Team work & positive work culture

Job standard

Staff capability & commitment
Text Box: D3Text Box: D2Text Box: D1Text Box: D4Text Box: Job standard 

·         Low Competency
·         High motivation
·         New staff
·         Open mind to learn
·         Accept feedback
·         High Competency
·         Low motivation
·         Can’t achieve target
·         Demoralized
·         Frustrated

·         High Competency
·         Low motivation
·         Fear of unknown factor
·         Capable
·         Lack of confident
·         High Competency
·         High motivation
·         Result focused
·         Self-confident
·         Independent

Autoerotic style (D1)
·         Low Competency (LC) – High Task (HT)
·         High motivation (HM) – Low relationship (LR)

a)    Target on the weakness, provide continual training
b)    Orientation
c)     Weekly review
d)    Monitor clearly
e)    New idea-boss decide
f)     Give specific instruction
g)    Be tough/firm – direct feedback

Interactive style (D2)
·         Low Competency (LC) – High Task (HT)
·         Low motivation (LM) – High relationship (HR)

a)    Listen/understand (have a clear training)
b)    Daily monitoring-provide advise
c)     Close guidance
d)    Follow up
e)    Soft approach
f)     Boss decide

Team style (D3)
·         High Competency (LC) – Low Task (LT)
·         Low motivation (LM) – High relationship (HR)

a)    Review performance- brainstorming
b)    Joint discussion –
c)     Reinforced his confident level during meeting
d)    Get them try (assure them)

Superior style (D4)
·         High Competency (HC) – Low Task (LT)
·         High motivation (HM) – Low relationship (LR)

a)    Give trust
b)    Set new target
c)     Don’t give instruction
d)    Give advice when required
e)    Loose control (follow up when deadline is close)
f)     Indirect motivation – announced the achievement
g)    D4 decide (achieve the target)

1.    Right staff – right style
2.    Talk when need – silent when required
3.    Learn to listen vs scold
4.    Transparent
5.    Being tough at the right time (D1)
6.    Give specific instruction (less mistake)
7.    Clear objective from team
8.    Appoint the right leader
9.    Break big to small problem
10.  Solution oriented
11.  Proactive solution
12.  Result oriented
13.  Give trust
14.  Motivate them to active result
15.  Think of a solution vs problem
16.  Consistency or principle
17.  Develop D1 to D4 (very important) job easier
18.  Be a good role model
19.  Re assure (give confident/ give support)
20.  Choice of word
21.  Think before act


1.    Responsible
2.    Sincere/honest
3.    Result oriented
4.    Open mind to learn
5.    Solution oriented/proactive
6.    Initiative
7.    Hardworking/smart
8.    Confident
9.    Patient
10.  Never give up

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