Friday, December 11, 2015

Alamak,... virus menyerang opis... abis laa

Dear all,

Some of our colleagues have had their computers / laptops infected with an advanced RANSOMWARE where the commonly used documents in their machines will be encrypted with a strong encryption algorithm. The objective is to make you pay to get the decryption private key from the developer of the ransomware to unlock your documents.

The details of the ransomware are as below:

Unfortunately, there is no way to clean the RANSOMWARE, except paying for the decryption private key, thus we need to reformat your computer to factory settings to get the computers / laptops to work.

If you are unsure of any Email attachments that may be authentic, you can forward to our IT Department for their expert advice.

ok sapa suruh main klik je tanpa pikir... padan muka 

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